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Electric Garage Door

Leave any electric garage door service in North York, Ontario, to us. When electric units, like the opener, are involved, you need the assistance of trained professionals. At our residential company, Garage Door Repair North York, we can fix, replace, service, and install any door and opener. Aware of the benefits but also complications of electric garage systems, our techs rush to help when customers need help or have concerns. In order for your electric garage door in North York to work right, its opener must be in excellent condition and so should every other part.

We have experts in electric garage door reElectric Garage Door North Yorkpair

Electric garage door openers are the souls of these systems since then enable automatic operation. Their importance lies on the fact that they also offer protection and have several features, which increase the house’s security. Naturally, all other parts are equally significant. And that’s why our team replaces broken springs and snapped cables, fixes tracks and takes care of damaged panels as fast as possible. But during electric garage door repair services, we also focus on the opener’s condition and make sure the reverse system can be activated when the sensors’ beam is interrupted.

Let us install your new electric garage door

The project of electric garage door replacement is not simple. It involves replacing both the door and the opener. Our assistance is valuable because we don’t only help you find the ideal material and door type, but also the perfect opener for the specific door. Our installers assemble and fit the door, but also hang the opener and connect all its parts. It’s essential to install the sensors at the right height, attach the release cord on the carriage, adjust the chain and the settings, and also tense the springs. When we offer electric garage door installation, we focus on each part which is important for the good performance of the door and your safety.

You should turn to our company for regular inspections, safety features testing, lubrication, and the maintenance of your North York electric garage door. We offer our services in timely fashion and will be there to cover your needs every time. Why don’t you contact us today?

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